Wednesday, October 31, 2007

An Interesting Side-note

When I have some more time to pursue the discourse on Alexander Hamilton's religion, I will quickly resume the project.

But for the present, in this busy season, I couldn't help but give my readers the exciting little sneak-peak that they would have had to wait for, if I had decided to address it in its chronological order. Come over to my new little blog Herculean Reflections to see what it is!


Our Founding Truth said...


Awesome post! I need to brush up on Hamilton's Federalists, as well as the others. I'm going to do a Webster's search on "mysteries" it no doubt is talking about the supernatural of our beloved faith. This was written in 1787, and no doubt helps affirm Hamilton's label as a born again Christian; as you know, he is the man for me, I consider him the greatest mind America has ever produced, and I doubt there will be anyone to match his brilliance; certainly not Jefferson or Madison.

His theories worked out today will be with us until the Lord comes. I relish the time to talk with him, as well as the other framers: Marshall, Samuel Adams, Hancock, etc.

I bet there are still some of Hamilton's writings that show his faith, let's find them.

In the Lord.

Hercules Mulligan said...

Hi OFT. Thanks for reading and for commenting.

I share your anticipation of talking to these great men and women of the past -- the members of our "Hall of Faith," or as Paul says in Hebrews, the "great cloud of witnesses" that urge us on in the practice of the Faith.

"I bet there are still some of Hamilton's writings that show his faith, let's find them."

When I first began this study of Hamilton's life and faith years ago, I was thrilled to find what, for decades had been hidden. Now the New-York Historical Society has made it possible to read Hamilton's UNPUBLISHED writings online!! HERE.
NOTE: the search option will only search the titles of the docs, not the content. Among the documents I found in this database was a Christian prayer/song that Hamilton's wife wrote shortly after his death. When I have some time, I will put this letter on my blog. Happy searching!!

Thanks for Reading!